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And With the 1st Pick… 2 Guys talk about how the NFL Draft will affect the 2015 Fantasy Season

Posted in Fantasy Football, NFL, NFL Draft by twoguys on April 28th, 2015

Let's go!

The draft is upon us and there are so many possibilities not even the draft experts can make enough mock drafts to explore them.

2 Guys look at some of the most outstanding prospects for the upcoming NFL Draft and where they might land.

Evan looks at some top flight wide receivers like Phillip Dorsett, Amari Cooper, and Kevin White how they might impact their respective teams.

Frank looks at RBs and explores some first round possibilities that could provide immediate fantasy dividends.


Fantasy Training Camp Begins! - 2 Guys talk about rookies and vets to watch in 2013

Posted in Fantasy Football, NFL, NFL Draft by twoguys on July 17th, 2013

It's been a while since 2 Guys has been on the scene but they are back with a vengeance this week.

Frank and Evan breakdown some young players set to have great years based on their current situation.

Frank examines a very prolific veteran QBs chances to stay to productive based on a tumultuous off season.

Lastly, 2 Guys give a preview of their upcoming draft strategy for 2013.


Out Wide: 2 Guys talk about Calvin Johnson and the top fantasy WRs heading into the 2013 season

Posted in Fantasy Football, NFL, NFL Draft by twoguys on June 6th, 2013

2 Guys go all in this week and breakdown the WRs heading into the 2013 fantasy season.

Frank and Evan both like Calvin Johnson as the top pass catcher heading into next season.

But that's where the similarity ends as Frank and Evan engage in an epic debate on which wide outs will be the most productive in 2013.

Listen in to the exciting discussion as well as insight on which WRs will emerge as sleepers.


2 Guys talk about Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Lloyd & other vets who could make a fantasy impact in 2013

Posted in Fantasy Football, NFL, NBA, NFL Draft by twoguys on May 8th, 2013

This period of the offseason is the proverbial calm before the storm.

2 Guys talk about unsigned, veteran free agents who could make a major fantasy impact in 2013.

Evan breaks down vets like Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Lloyd, and Devery Henderson and if they are worth drafting if they sign with a team.

Lastly, Frank encourages listeners to always choose  unknown new talent over a known fading talent.


2 Guys talk about Victor Cruz, Tayvon Austin, Joseph Randle and other impact rookies in 2013

Posted in Fantasy Football, NFL, NFL Draft by twoguys on May 2nd, 2013

2 Guys fantasy coverage is starting to heat up.

Frank and Evan recap the 2013 NFL draft and talk about which rookies will make the biggest in impact in 2013.

Tayvon Austin, Keenan Allen, and Montee Ball are several of the rookies Evan has high hopes heading into next year.

Evan also leaves the listeners with a valuable piece of fantasy advice that they should take into the upcoming season.


2 Guys talk NFL Draft, Franchise QBs, and potential fantasy sleepers in 2013

Posted in Fantasy Football, NFL, NFL Draft by twoguys on April 23rd, 2013

2 Guys kick off their draft preview special hitting on a variety of exciting topics.

2 Guys tackle the uncertainty of the upcoming draft and explain why it won't really matter until training camp starts.

Evan explores which first players could have a fantasy impact in 2013.

Frank and Evan also discuss the inexact science of the draft and how the Revis trade makes the Bucs and immediate contender in 2013.


2 Guys talk about the fallacy of NFL Scheduling, fantasy impact rookies, and the NFL Draft

Posted in Fantasy Football, NFL, NFL Draft by twoguys on April 16th, 2013

2 Guys return to action with a jam packed show that covers a variety of important topics.

Frank and Evan start off the podcast looking for rookie who can impact on the 2013 fantasy season.

2 Guys also look at the importance or lack thereof regarding NFL Schedule's and whether or not it makes a difference to your fantasy team.

Lastly, 2 Guys look ahead to the NFL Draft and examine how rookie salary caps have changed the dynamics of dynasty league fantasy football teams.


The End of RG3? - 2 Guys talk about QB situations in 2013, paying for potential, and March Madness

Posted in Fantasy Football, NFL, NFL Draft by twoguys on March 26th, 2013

The NFL offseason has slowed down since the start of free agency a couple of weeks ago but 2 Guys are still following the hottest stories.

Frank and Evan and look at some intriguing QB situations heading into 2013 and why GMs are paying for potential over proven productions.

Lastly, Frank criticizes the Redskins handling of RG3's recovery and compares final four picks with Evan.


Look Ma, No Helmet! 2 Guys talk about bad rule changes, remaining free agents, and franchise QBs

Posted in Fantasy Football, NFL Combine, NFL, NFL Draft by twoguys on March 20th, 2013

The second week of Free Agency has slowed down quite a bit but 2 Guys examine impact players who remain unsigned.

Evan in particular looks at free agents Ahmad Bradshaw and Fred Davis to see if they can overcome their injury woes to make an impact in 2013.

Frank and Evan also discuss the proposed new Running Back lowering their helmet rule and how bad of an idea it is.

Lastly, Frank goes on a tirade about how QBs should not be drafted in the 1st round if they do not grade out as franchise caliber.


Keep it 100 - 2 Guys celebrate their 100th episode, and the wild start to NFL Free Agency

Posted in Fantasy Football, NFL, NFL Draft by twoguys on March 12th, 2013

This week marks 2 Guys 100th episode. To celebrate Frank and Evan dive right in to the free agent frenzy that started early this week.

2 Guys weigh on both the Percy Harvin and Anquan Boldin trades and how it will affect the fantasy land scape in 2013.

Frank and Evan also discuss the signings of Jared Cook, Delanie Walker, and Mike Wallace and if the change of scenery will lead to greater fantasy production.

Lastly, 2 Guys thank the fans for being part of the journey to 100 episodes and talk about the vision for the next 100 episodes and beyond.


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